The DELTA range of HEPA H14 and ULPA U15 mini-pleat filters for unidirectional flows are suitable for use in all systems that require high air purity levels:

  • Laminar flow fume hoods, isolators, down cross and LAF;
  • In terminal filters (DIF-P/A, DIF-K/S, Pharmasafe) to maintain clean zones for pharmaceutical production, production machinery and weighing systems;
  • In filtration ceilings (DIF-O.T.) in operating theatres and ancillary rooms in the hospital sector;
  • in air intake grilles (DEC-A, DEC-S) for contamination-controlled environments;
  • in production tunnels in the electronics industry.

HEPA filters for unidirectional flows AB, ABH, MAB, DAB.

  • Constructed in an ISO7 environment;
  • Compliant with EN 1822-4, individually tested in ISO5 environment (scanning test OPC/Photometer) and labelled;
  • Individually packaged in controlled ISO5 environment;
  • Extruded aluminium frame, depths 68, 78, 90 and 115mm;
  • Water-repellent, fire-retardant micro-fibreglass filter media;
  • Micro-stretched aluminium protection grid painted in white epoxy paint;
  • Continuous thermoplastic spacers;
  • Bicomponent polyurethane sealant;
  • One-piece seal.

Upon request:

  • LV version with equaliser on air outlet side to ensure uniform air flow +/- 2.5%;
  • LPD version with reduced pressure drops by -20%;
  • RLS reverse liquid seal;
  • ATEX II 2 GD T6 version.
  • Efficiency class U16, U17.
  • No leaks thanks to one-piece seal;
  • Low pressure drops (≈10% compared to the market);
  • Uniform airflow at 0.45m/s ± 10% (definition of unidirectional flow by the F.S. ± 20%);
  • Excellent resistance to chemical agents.
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