The AD 250 range of exhaust grilles are used for air-conditioning and heating service sector, residential and industrial premises. They are composed of a row of fixed horizontal blades, angled at 45° and a natural extruded anodised aluminium frame.
They are modern and minimalist in their design and are available in many different sizes.
The AD 251 version comes with a 12.5 x 12.5mm square mesh protection grid.

  • AD 250 range natural extruded anodised aluminium exhaust grilles;
  • Single row of fixed, horizontal blades angled at 45° inserted into a substructure with an outer frame;
  • They are frequently used for exhausting air from the relevant environments;
  • Suitable for wall installation or on exposed rectangular ducts;
  • AD 250 565×565: Overall frame size 595 x 595mm; Suitable for installation directly onto false ceilings with 600 x 600mm panels;
  • The AD/F/E 251 version comes with a 12.5 x 12.5mm square mesh protection grid;
  • Models AD 250, AD 251: fixation with clips and subframe GR 001;
  • Models AF 250, AF 251: fixation with visible screws;
  • Models AE 250, AE 251: fixation with latch and subframe GR 001;
  • Control damper GT 007 in galvanised steel with manually adjustable opposed blades.
  • Fixed horizontal blades angled at 45°;
  • Modern and minimalist design;
  • Moderate pressure drop with respect to the size of the grille;
  • Suitable for both wall and ceiling installation;
  • Fixation with clips or latch using the subframe or with visible screws;
  • Model AD 250 565 x 565mm: installation on false ceilings with 600 x 600mm panels.
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