The SIGMA-BETA range of high efficiency, semi-absolute filters, models AH-AR-AS, are designed for use in contamination-controlled environments.

Specifically, they are designed to be installed to avoid the contamination of ducts by contaminated dusts:

  • in air intake grilles (DEC-A, DEC-S) for hospital-pharmaceutical environments;
  • in terminal filters (DIF-P/A, DIF-K/S).

Efficiency classes
Pursuant to EN 779:2012 – F9 (AH);
Pursuant to EN 1822:2019 – E10 (AR) and E11 (AS).

High efficiency AH and semi-absolute AR, AS filters.

The SIGMA-BETA range of high efficiency/semi-absolute filters have mini-pleats and are shallow in depth and are designed for installation on air intake grilles. The AH-AS models come in a wide range of sizes with airflows from 65 to 2700 m³/h.

All the filters are made from:

  • 69 mm depth extruded anodised aluminium frame, with a micro-expanded aluminium protective screen painted with white epoxy paint;
  • Micro-fibreglass, water-repellent, fire-retardant (M1 fire reaction class) filter media, with continuous thermoplastic spacers between the small pleats, and a polyurethane elastomer sealant;
  • One-piece polyurethane foam seal.

The filters’ low pressure drop mean the energy consumption of the fan is minimal.
All filters are labelled with their performance ratings.

On request:

  • Version ATEX II 2 GD T6.
  • No leaks thanks to one-piece seal;
  • Wide range of construction options;
  • Reduced depth size;
  • Does not release fibres downstream of the system;
  • High dust accumulation capacity;
  • Excellent resistance to chemical agents.
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