Safe change filter housings for high containment environments

CANISTER safety system are duct containment systems for the safe replacement of high efficiency, HEPA, ULPA or activated carbon filters and they are designed to filter exhaust air from environments containing toxic or harmful contaminants.
These systems are mainly used in industrial, laboratory and process applications and are installed directly in the hazardous environment.
In the Bag-In/Bag-Out procedure spent filters are sealed inside the barrier bag and then sent for disposal, never coming into contact with any operator.

Duct containment systems for the safe replacement of high efficiency, HEPA, ULPA or activated carbon filters.
The system guarantees the highest tightness class thanks to the double-lip flanges, the sealing gaskets and the continuous welding.

The mechanical resistance of the housing to air pressure is ±5kPa according to ANSI/ASME 510:2007.
The tightness class of the system is Class 2 according to ISO 10648-2, under standard operating conditions.

• steel structure painted with decontaminable white colour RAL 9002 paint
• sealing gasket of the access door for maintenance, made in a single piece of plastic rubber
• eccentric bars in galvanised steel

• AISI 304 Stainless steel
• AISI 316L Stainless steel
• ATEX II 2 GD T6 with dissipative graphite RAL 7021 paint
• ATEX II 2 GD T6 in stainless steel
• Reinforced for air tightness at high pressures, up to 600kPa
• Eccentric bars in stainless steel

• Probes for overall leak test
• Probes for scanning leak tests
• Pressure drop reading panel with shut-off valves and pressure gauges:
DW1 for single fi ltration stage
DW2 or double fi ltration stage
• Pressure probes
• Vacuum breaker unit
• GTA010EN airtight shut-off dampers in class 4C according to EN 1751
• Air inlet/outlet manifolded collectors
• Replacement safety bag
• CANWELD thermowelding sealer

It is a set of banks arranged in parallel with each other. The number of banks depends on the total airflow. As a general rule, with the same flow rate, a system containing activated carbon filters will require a greater number of banks to ensure the necessary contact time between the gaseous contaminants and the surface of the carbon.
The system consists of:
• Canister modules
• air inlet and outlet manifolded collectors, airtight welded, with connection flanges, support legs and lifting eyebolts. The collectors are also set up for fitting control devices (pressure
probes) and  in situ tests (probes for the Leak test) and can house any airtight shut-off dampers (in accordance with EN 1751) and vacuum breakers.
• the following versions are also available:
– Double-sided BF
– Double-housing BP


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