CAP activated carbon panels for fumes, organic solvents (VOC) and domestic odours.

Applications: kitchen extractor hoods, industrial facilities with limited concentrations, including acidic gases.
We recommend protecting the carbon filter with a pre-filtration stage with a minimum of G4 efficiency pursuant to EN 779/2012.

CAP activated carbon panels are flat panels composed of a galvanised steel supporting frame with an electrolytically galvanised surface protection and micro-expanded protection mesh. The activated carbons are on the inside, which contains stiffening and anti-sagging components.
These panels have medium levels of activated carbons and have very low pressure drops, which means the energy consumption of the fan is minimal.

The panels are available in a range of thicknesses (18, 23, 38, 48mm), which means the most suitable, and precise, model can be selected based on the operating or servicing requirements.

Their excellent build quality, high strength and ease of installation and maintenance make them a very versatile product suitable for numerous applications. Once saturated, the activated carbons can be regenerated using steam.

On request:

  • Black paint.
  • Seals.
  • Openable panels so frame can be reused;
  • Easy to service and dispose of;
  • Wide range of sizes.
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