The modular filter frames are made from strong galvanised steel (CT range) or with aluminium edges and PVC corners (CTA range).
Suitable for wall-mounting or for direct installation inside air processing units.
They can be used to hold the GAMMA range of pre-filters, FILTRA-PAK soft and rigid bag filters, SIGMA high efficiency and DELTA absolute filters.

A stainless steel AISI 304L version is available on request (CTS range).

Our filter frames can hold:

  • Gamma range pre-filters, Filtra-Pak range soft and rigid bag filters (CT/CTA, size code 10 – 20 – 30);
  • Delta range absolute filters, Beta range semi-absolute filters or Sigma range high efficiency filters (CT, size code 40 – 42 – 50 – 52);

They have a one-piece airtight seal, made from bicomponent polyurethane (CT range) or moulded EPDM (CTA range).
The frames stand out for their robust construction and meticulous finishes.

Filters can be installed into the subframes in two ways to meet different maintenance requirements:

  1. By inserting the filters into the subframe, the airflow helps the springs to compress the seal (maintenance is done from the dirty side) .
  2. By resting the filter on the frame, airtightness is ensured by the locking springs (maintenance is done from clean side).

The filter is easily and securely installed by affixing the 4 springs/rods, which compress the seal already mounted onto the frames (models CT 10-15-20-30) or located on the Beta/Delta filters (models CT 40-42-50-52).

Filtration walls
Being modular, the filter frames can be assembled together to create filtration walls, for turbulent ducted airflows, positioned inside ducts, air processing units, filter chambers; to do this, special bolts are provided for the assembly.


  • Modular
  • Robust
  • Flexible usage
  • Able to house several filtration stages
  • Easy to install
  • Can be delivered disassembled, to save on transport costs (CTA range only)
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