The air exhaust grilles can be made from anodised aluminium (DEC A) or AISI 304 steel (DEC S), can be made to measure and include a grille, pre-filter, filter (high efficiency or HEPA) and control damper.

They are used in contamination-controlled environments such as:

  • The hospital sector, in operating theatres, adjacent rooms, critical wards;
  • The pharmaceutical sector, in cleanrooms, sterile rooms, BSL3/BSL4 laboratories;
  • The industrial sector, where precision works are carried out or processes requiring high air cleanliness levels.

The air exhaust grilles, suitable for installation in contamination-controlled environments, are available with micro-perforated panels made from:

  • Anodised aluminium (DEC A);
  • AISI 304 stainless steel with Scotch Brite finish (DEC S).

Versions available:

  • Standard grille;
  • Grille + Pre-filter PFS (P);
  • Grille + High efficiency/absolute filter (F);
  • Grille + Damper GT 007 (R);
  • Grille + Pre-filter PFS + High efficiency/absolute filter (PF);
  • Grille + Damper GT 007 + Pre-filter PFS (PR);
  • Grille + Damper GT 007 + Pre-filter PFS + Final filter AH (PFR).

On request:

  • Version ATEX 2GD II T6
  • Version constructed in AISI 316 L;
  • Polished mirror finish (DEC S only);
  • Safety accessories;
  • Magnetic panel attachment.
  • Simple to use (easy to clean and service);
  • Perfectly level with supporting surfaces;
  • Construction materials suitable for highly critical requirements;
  • Wide range of solutions;
  • No leakage guaranteed.
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