Differential airflow velocities ceiling system for operating theatre

Our ceiling filtration systems are the result of thirty years’ experience in developing air filtration and distribution techniques for operating theatres.
Sagicofim has designed and created a unique, non-conventional solution for critical operating theatres, which require an absolute cleanliness classification of ISO 5 Operational.

SagiCofim has developed a system that is capable of meeting the cleanliness levels required by ISO 5 “Operational” standard, through a sophisticated differential flow air diffusion system that uses a unidirectional air flow combined with concentric controlled-flow zones. The air flow is delivered at a continuous, ideal speed that decreases outwards from the centre.
The 3 different speeds, by working in synergy, ensure that a stream of clean air is directed from the area occupied by the operating table outwards towards the theatre’s peripheral areas to guarantee maximum patient protection.

Each speed contributes to optimising the performance, by identifying 3 operating areas:

  1. Maximum protection in the central zone, occupied by the operating table;
  2. Maximum comfort in the intermediate zone, occupied by the surgical team;
  3. Minimum turbulence in the outer zone, to prevent the development of any turbulent zones, which could dangerously recirculate contaminated air into the flow of clean air.

The differential speed airflow is ensured by a filtering section composed of HEPA filters tested in accordance with standard EN ISO29463-4:2018.
Every filter intended for use in protected environments is manufactured, tested and packaged in a contamination-controlled environment.
Every filter we manufacture is individually tested by a scanning process, to ensure there are no localised defects.
Perfect tightness of the filtering system is guaranteed by a reverse liquid gel seal around the edge of the filters.
The patented flow equaliser ensures uniform air distribution across the whole surface area of the individual filter, even at low flow rates, which is not usually possible with conventional units.
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  • Class ISO5 “Operational” under operating condition, according to ISO14644-1;
  • Class ISO 5 “Operational” simulated conditions, according to  SWKI VA105-01:2015-08;
  • Less than 10 CFU/m³ (Colony Forming Units);
  • Efficient contaminant removal system due to differential speed profiles;
  • Reduced airflow compared to traditional uniform flow systems with consequent reduction in energy consumption;
  • Guaranteed comfortable environment for the surgical team;
  • Maximum flexibility when positioning lights and units;
  • Resistant to the most commonly used sanitising agents;
  • Does not require side curtains, thus enabling equipment to be moved around the room.
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