Terminal filter housings for contamination-controlled environments

The DIF terminal filter housings are directly installed in sterile rooms and clean rooms, thus the air is filtered at the purity level desired, and immediately diffused in the room.

They are made by a frame hosting the DELTA range of mini-pleat filter, a plenum (available in different materials) and a diffuser, available of several models for unidirectional flow, swirl flow with omni-directional throw, high induction or Coanda effect with optional 1 to 4-way flow direction.

Filter and diffuser can be replaced directly in the room.

The DIF terminal filter housings have these main features:

  • Availability of several models with different materials (P/A/K/S series)
  • Side (standard) or top (version T) air inlet.
  • Upstream challenge and p test points accessible from the room.
  • Sliding nuts along the whole upper perimeter for installation using threaded rods.
  • Suitable for EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters.
  • HEPA filters model AB, th. 68 mm.

Some versions are optimised for LCC (Life Cycle Cost) and they have an higher frame (DIF.2– ) suitable for assembly with HEPA filters, model MAB (90 mm thick.) and DAB (115 mm thick.) .

The terminal filter housings are suitable with “rls” filters, the reverse liquid seal version (DLS model).



  • Plenum in thermo-formed polystyrene
  • Frame in extruded anodized aluminum.


  • Plenum in extruded anodized aluminum
  • Frame in extruded anodized aluminum.


  • Plenum in steel painted with epoxy powder
  • Frame in steel painted with epoxy powder.


  • AISI 304 stainless steel plenum
  • AISI 304 stainless steel frame.
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