Circular diffusers with fixed cones

DR180 fixed round cone diffusers are designed for installation in false ceilings or exposed ducts in service sector settings.

In supply mode, they diffuse the air with the Coanda effect, and can also be used for exhausting air from the environment.

The DR180P model is installed on false ceilings with modular 600×600 mm panels.


  • Painted aluminum, white RAL9010
  • Anodized aluminum, matt silver color (AA).


  • Can be used for installation on false ceiling or on visible ducting
  • Summer ΔT up to -10K and winter up to +15K
  • Suitable for installation height between 2.7 and 4 m.

With screw in the centre of the assembly bridge (GR003-DR) for false ceiling installation.
With screw in the centre of the assembly collar (GR004-DR) for false ceiling installation with hose.
Lying flat for the version for installation on modular 600×600 mm false ceilings (DR180P).


  • DR180 circular diffuser with fixed cones
  • DR180P diffuser with fixed cones for installation on false ceilings with modular 600×600 mm panels
  • R180AA diffuser in anodized aluminum.
  • Circular opening with diameters from 160mm to 315 mm;
  • Fixation with visible screws or through central screw;
  • Can be used for supply and exhaust.
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