Integrated HEPA terminal filters with low pressure drop

The DUG-MAB LPD and DUG-DAB LPD low pressure drop terminal filters are certified as H14 efficiency according to EN1822. Due to their lower pressure drops compared to standard models, they consume less energy for the duration of their service life.
They are ideal for use in sterile environments with laminar vertical airflow and the strictest cleanliness requirements (ISO14644-1 classes 9 to 1); being extremely practical, they have revolutionised installations in cleanrooms in even the most demanding of industry settings: pharmaceutical, micro-electronics and electronics, food, aeronautical and chemical sectors.

DUG-MAB LPD and DUG-DAB LPD low pressure drop integrated terminal filters.

  • Manufactured in an ISO7 environment, individually scan-tested and packaged in an ISO5 environment;
  • Water-repellent, micro-fibreglass filter media;
  • Equally spaced continuous thermoplastic spacers (mini-pleats);
  • Bicomponent polyurethane sealant;
  • Extruded anodised aluminium frame attached to a one-piece plenum made from self-extinguishing, stamp-formed polystyrene or aluminium and with a circular collar;
  • Painted aluminium protection grid on both sides

On request:

  • Damper with opposing blades (DR);
  • External or central leak-test point (T-D);
  • White EPDM seal (G);
  • Protection grids in: AISI 304 stainless steel (RRS) / AISI 316 L stainless steel (RRS316);
  • Micro-perforated diffuser in: aluminium (FL) / AISI 304 (FLS) / AISI 316 L (FLS316);
  • Flow equaliser on air outlet side (LV);
  • ATEX 2 GD II T6 (AT), with aluminium plenum only.
  • Low pressure drops (up to 50% compared to the standard);
  • Easy to install;
  • Leakproofness guaranteed at source;
  • Lightweight and strong;
  • Optimum airflow distribution due to thermoformed plenum.
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