Wall diffusers with plugged adjustable nozzles

The DYVB series wall supply diffuser features a number of plugged adjustable nozzles that
guarantee air distribution with an effective mixture and a good degree of induction, is supplied complete with plenum in galvanized steel sheet with rear or side collar and pressure measurement device for calibration.
Suitable for wall mounting, with summer ΔT up to -12K and winter up to +15K.

The elements are singularly adjustable in different positions and therefore allow a customized control of the air inlet and of the air throw direction in order to adapt to the specifi c installation needs.


  • Diffuser plate in painted steel, white RAL9010
  • Diffusion elements in ABS, white RAL9010
  • Plenum in galvanized steel sheet .


  • DYVB …1 wall diffuser complete with plenum with rear collar, regulating damper and pressure measurement device for calibration
  • DYVB …2 wall diffuser complete with plenum with side collar, regulating damper and pressure measureme
  • Plenum with pressure measurement device for calibration.
  • Diffuser connected to the plenum by invisible fastening.
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