The deep-pleat absolute filters for duct flows are classified as HEPA efficiency H13-H14 and tested in accordance with EN1822/2009.

They can be used in air-conditioning and ventilation systems, in systems requiring high cleanliness and/or sterility levels (laboratories, electronics, food, pharmaceutical industries and hospital sector) and for removing harmful dust being exhausted.

They are installed inside ducts, directly into the APU or in appropriate housings, such as the safe-change Canister housings or Modulo in-duct housings.

These absolute filters for duct flows have water-repellent, fire retardant (M1 fire reaction classification) micro-fibreglass filter media, whose pleats are spaced with aluminium spacers fixed to the frame with a polyurethane-based sealant.

The frame is fitted with a special semi-rounded seal to make it completely leak-free, and can be made from:

  • MDF wood (LB, LLB ranges);
  • galvanised steel (KB, KK ranges).

These filters are characterised by their high build quality, low pressure drops and long service lives. All the filters are individually tested and labelled to guarantee their rated performance (pursuant to EN1822/2009).

On request:

  • ATEX II 2 GD T6 version (for models with a metal frame from the “K” and “N” ranges);
  • Double seal (air outlet side).
  • High reliability;
  • High filtering surface area;
  • Low pressure drop;
  • High dust accumulation capacity;
  • Versatile.
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