Overpressure damper with combined blades

The GP100KC overpressure dampers with conjoined blades are used to naturally intake or exhaust air by using just the pressure difference between the two sides. The blades are linked together internally and this makes their movement more uniform, distributing the load across each blade.

In-duct overpressure damper with conjoined blades – Model GP 100 KC
The blades are conjoined by an internal connecting rod which makes them move in unison and distributes loads uniformly across each blade. The blades allow air to pass through until the pressure between the two sides of the grille equalises. At this point, they close automatically through gravity.

Technical features:

  • Sizes range from 200mm x 210mm to 1600mm x 1610mm (for B>1400 dual section construction);
  • U-shaped galvanised steel frame, single bent piece, 130mm casing, 1mm thick, 36mm flange on both sides;
  • natural non-anodised aluminium blades, 100mm spacing;
  • non-pass-through pins and bushes in AXTROMID A2800;
  • galvanised steel stops;
  • G.A. Class 1 adhesive anti-noise seals on blades and stops;
  • galvanised steel internal connecting rod.

The following versions are available:

  • galvanised steel construction, with galvanised steel pass-through pins and self-lubricating sintered bronze bushes;
  • AISI 316L stainless steel construction, with AISI 316 stainless steel pass-through pins and selflubricating sintered bronze bushes. The frame is made from 4 pieces welded together, 40mm flange.


  • ATEX IIGD -40°C < T < +50°C;
  • Declaration of Conformity EAC and EAC-ex.
  • Uniform movement and load distribution due to linkage of the blades.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • No flutter phenomenon thanks to the linked blades.
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