Overpressure grille

GP overpressure grilles are used to naturally intake or exhaust air by using just the pressure difference between the two sides.

Wall-fitted overpressure grilles – Model GP S/D

The blades move freely to allow air to pass through until the pressure between the two sides of the grille equalises.
At this point, the blades close automatically through gravity.

There are 2 available versions:

  • 50mm spacing (sizes range from 200 x 150mm to 800 x 650mm);
  • 100mm spacing (sizes range from 400 x 200mm to 1600 x 2000mm (from B>1100mm in dual section);

Technical features:

  • galvanised steel frame;
  • aluminium blades;
  • noise-dampening seal on each blade;
  • nylon bushings with stopper to prevent counter-rotation of blades.

The direction of the air flow with respect to the grille determines the model required:

  • GP 50/100 D: exhaust flow from grille;
  • GP 50/100 S: intake flow into grille.

Versions with mesh are also available (GP 51/101 S/D).


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