Regulating damper in aluminium with tightness 3B

Airtight control damper used to adjust and balance airflows and air pressures in air-conditioning and ventilation systems and air-processing units, with optimum airtightness.

Airtight control damper EN1751 – Aluminium

Basic technical features:

  • Frame made from 4 natural non-anodised aluminium pieces, welded together, with 40mm flange;
  • polyurethane sealant around frame;
  • counter-moving fin-profile blades in non-anodised extruded aluminium, airtight seal in Elaprene C 825;
  • 12mm diameter galvanised steel pins;
  • AXTROMID A 2800 nylon bushes;
  • natural non-anodised aluminium stops with G.A. class 1 adhesive airtight seal;
  • aluminium lateral strips.

The aluminium airtight dampers can be supplied with manual or electric systems for secure or classified areas.


  • ATEX IIGD -40°C < T < +50°C;
  • Declaration of Conformity EAC and EAC-ex;
  • Class 3B (4C on request) certified in accordance with EN1751 (up to 2000 Pa).


  • GTA010EN;
  • GTA015EN.

For technical information on the other models, see Configurations.

  • Optimum airtightness thanks to the blades’ special construction enabling application of high performance seals.
  • Airtightness class 3B/4C.
  • Low pressure drop fin-profile blades.
  • Lighter weight thanks to fully aluminium construction.
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