Fire Damper EI 90/120/180/240 S rectangular

The damper is designed to prevent the propagation of flames and smoke in air ventilation and conditioning systems for civil plants.

Fire damper EN 1366-2 – HTE 2.0

The damper is certified in accordance with UNI EN 1366-2, classified in accordance with UNI EN 13501-3 and CE marked in accordance with UNI EN 15650:2010, with the following installation options:

  • inside a rigid wall in foamed concrete/masonry, min 100 mm thickness, min density 500 kg/m3 EI 120 S (ve i-o);
  • inside a light wall in plasterboard, min 100 mm thickness, EI 120 S (ve i-o)
  • inside a floor in foamed concrete, min 150 mm thickness, min density 650 Kg/m3 EI 240 S (ho i-o);

The HTE 2.0 fire damper is available with thermoelectric fuse and spring return actuator.

Technical features:

  • sizes range from 100 x 200mm to 800 x 600mm (in single section construction).
  • frame in galvanized steel with asymmetric casing depth 300 mm, with multihole dissipative guard;
  • calcium silicate blade with special control mechanism;
  • silicone seal to seal against cold smoke;
  • heat expanding seal for hot smoke resistance.


  • UNI EN 1366-2;
  • UNI EN 13501-3.

They are installed straddling masonry walls, lightweight plasterboard walls and concrete slabs, certified EI.
For further details, see the Downloads section.

  • Asymmetric casing with reduced deepth of 300 mm
  • Coppie torcenti ridotte per permettere l’uso di motori dalle coppie inferiori
  • Multihole dissipative guard, that makes it easier for the mortar/wool and pre-hole in masonry to adhere to each other.
  • Class S cold smoke sealed, the highest possible, producing levels 4 times lower than regulations require.
  • Classification EI 120 for light wall in plasterboard, and rigid wall in foamed concrete/masonry
  • Classification EI 240 for floor in foamed concrete.
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