Plastic frame high flow HEPA filters

DELTA series, model NB-P, plastic frame high flow HEPA filters are tested according to EN1822:2019.

Applications inside the filtration sections of the AHUs, in several sectors such as clean rooms, hospitals, pharmaceuticals industry, laboratories, food and beverage and laminar flows.

Mini-pleat V-type filters, Delta series model NB-P, are made with plastic frame, fire proof micro-fibre glass minipleat media with extended surface area (fire reaction class M1) and with hot-melt separators fixed to the frame with a bicomponent polyurethane sealant. The frame is made of plastic and has a seamless half-round polyurethane gasket to ensure a perfect seal.
These filters can be totally incinerated at the end of their operating life owing to the plastic frame and lack of metal parts.

All filters are individually tested and labelled to guarantee the declared characteristics in according to EN1822:2019.

  • Larger filtration surface
  • Low pressure drop
  • High dust capacity
  • Energy-saving
  • Totally incinerable with no toxic emissions
  • Application flexibility
  • Reduced weight (30% lighter than the galvanised steel frame version)
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