The PFA/4 and PFA/5 range of filter panels are used as the first filtration stage in filtering coarse particles, and have been tested in accordance with standard EN 779:2012, efficiency G4-M5.
The filter medium is made from a cotton-mix synthetic fibre for the G4 version and propylene for the M5 version; both are corrugated to increase the filtration area and enable higher dust collection capacity.

Applications: pre-filters upstream of high efficiency/absolute/active carbon filters; for general air-conditioning applications, in paint booths, in air processing units; in unit heaters.
Installed in in-duct housings (mod. Multimod) or within special subframes (mod. CT 10, 20, 30) with flat fixation (face velocity up to 2.5m/s for 48mm thickness and 3.5m/s for 98mm thickness).

Corrugated synthetic filter panels, GAMMA range, models PFA/4 and PFA/5.

  • Corrugated surface synthetic fibre filter media;
  • Cardboard frame;
  • Supporting grid on the air-outlet side.
  • Available in 48 and 98mm thickness.
  • Good filtration performance with medium-sized particles;
  • High dust-accumulation capacity;
  • Good mechanical resistance;
  • Larger filtration surface compared to same face-size flat panels;
  • Can be installed both horizontally and vertically.
  • Fully burnable.
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