The PFC, PFE, PFS and PFH range of filter panels are used for filtering coarse particles, and have been tested in accordance with standard EN 779:2012, efficiency G2-G4.
The filter medium is made from synthetic fibre and is in a flat layout.

Applications: filtering coarse dust particles, lint and soil in civil and industrial environments.

Installation in fan coils and fan convectors (model PFC), hot air generators and ventilation units (models PFE, PFS, PFH).

Flat synthetic filter panels, GAMMA range, models PFC, PFE, PFS and PFH.

  • Flat surface synthetic fibre filter media;
  • Frame in galvanised steel sheet;
  • Two galvanised steel electrowelded containment meshes.
  • Available in 12, 23 and 48mm thickness.

On request:

  • Class 1 fire-retardant acrylic fibre filter media (Ministerial Decree of 26/06/1984).
  • Version ATEX 2GD II T6
  • Model PFC, version with soft or rigid polyurethane or synthetic canvas.
  • Good filtration performance with medium-sized particles;
  • High dust-accumulation capacity;
  • Good mechanical resistance;
  • Long-term reuse of washable filters for reduced maintenance costs;
  • Can be installed both horizontally and vertically.
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