The PFM and PFO/M range of filter panels are used for filtering coarse particles. The filter media is made from a flat anodised metal mesh.
They are ideal for use in heavy-duty environments that require high mechanical strength and/or high operating temperatures (up to 250°C).

Applications: filtering coarse dust particles, lint and soil in civil and industrial environments:

  • hot air generators for civil and industrial facilities;
  • ventilation of electrical engines and industrial machinery;
  • oily steam separators and filtration walls for industrial facilities;
  • installation on mobile machinery subject to vibrations.

The PFI panels are made entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel with a micro-expanded sheet metal filter medium; for this reason they are used in kitchen extractor hoods (with temperatures up to 300°C).

Metal filter panels, GAMMA range

Models PFM, PFO/M:

  • Filter media in galvanised steel mesh;
  • Frame in galvanised steel sheet;
  • Two galvanised steel electrowelded containment meshes.
  • Available in 23 and 48mm thickness.

PFI model:

  • Filter media in AISI 304 stainless steel mesh;
  • AISI 304 stainless steel sheet frame.
  • Two AISI stainless steel electrowelded containment meshes.
  • Available in 12mm thickness.

On request:

  • Version ATEX 2GD II T6
  • Full aluminium version (PFM A, PFO/M A);
  • Full AISI 304 stainless steel version (PFM S, PFO/M S).
  • High filtration performance for coarse particles and oily steam;
  • High dust-accumulation capacity;
  • Excellent mechanical resistance;
  • Resistant to high operating temperatures;
  • Washable air filters suitable for numerous washes;
  • Can be reused with low servicing costs;
  • Can be installed both horizontally and vertically.
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