Medium and fine panel filters GAMMA Series

The models PFO/6 PFO/7 PFO/8 PFO/9 of panel filters are suitable for all ventilation systems for civil applications and in the pre-filtration sections for critical applications.
They have been tested in accordance with standard EN 779:2012.

Applications as high efficiency filters and as pre-filters for absolute/active carbon filters; in Air Handling Units as the first filtration stage, in paint booths, in air processing units.

Installed in in-duct housings (mod. Multimod) or within special subframes (mod. CT 10, 20, 30) with flat fixation (face velocity up to 2.5m/s for 48mm thickness and 3.5m/s for 96mm thickness).

Fibre glass panel filters, GAMMA series, models PFO/6, PFO/7, PFO/8, PFO/9.

  • Medium in micro-fibre glass, mini-pleat construction
  • Frame in galvanized steel
  • Available in 48 and 96mm thickness
  • Galvanized protection grids (ON REQUEST)
  • High filtration performance with fine particles
  • High dust-accumulation capacity
  • Good mechanical resistance
  • Smaller in size compared to same efficiency bag filters
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