Pivoting nozzle diffusers

The PK long-range pivoting nozzle wall diffusers are used to diffuse the perimeter air in large environments such as shopping centres, indoor sports centres, cinemas, airports and industrial warehouses, where the direction of airflow must be controlled and high flow rates must be maintained.

The diffusers are comprised of a hemispherical dome fitted with a short diffuser neck and can be manually pivoted in all directions.
They are suitable for wall installation or in circular or rectangular ducts.

PK series long-range pivoting nozzle diffusers are ideal for use where the direction of airflow needs controlling and high flow rates ensured.

Made of a hemispherical dome fitted with short diffuser neck; from natural anodised aluminium, with rotating seal in non-deformable material.

Suitable for wall installation or in circular or rectangular ducts; fixation with visible screws.

  • Adjustable in all directions;
  • Control of direction of air diffusion with large, long-range, flow rates;
  • Aluminium body with no welding, joints or rivets;
  • Fully airtight felt seal between body and flange;
  • Control damper adjustable from the outside using thumbscrew.
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