Flexible fabric ducts

Flexible fabric duct.

Polyester flexible ducts (PV-1 series) 

Available models:

  • PV-1: flexible duct made of PVC coated fabric (polyester or fibreglass);
  • PV-1 T: PVC coated fabric duct, with 25mm layer of fibreglass thermal insulation. External PVC steam barrier layer;
  • PV-1 P: fibreglass mesh duct, with 25mm layer of fibreglass thermal and acoustic insulation. External PVC steam barrier layer.

Flexible ducts with polyolefinic resins (PV-2 series) 

Available models:

  • PV-2: flexible duct made up of polyolefinic resin film and harmonic steel wire spiral;
  • PV-2 T: flexible duct made up of polyolefinic resin film and harmonic steel wire spiral, thermally insulated by a layer of polyester fibre 25 mm thick. External layer, steam barrier, in PE.

Class 1 certified product by the Giordano Institute and authorised by the Ministry of the Interior.

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