Floor diffusers

The PW1 floor diffusers are suitable for installation in rooms such as telecommunications rooms and data processing centers, where it is necessary to assure high induction and thus a rapid air flow velocity reduction and a supply temperature close to the room’s temperature.


  • Impact-resistant and load-resistant plastic
  • Construction in grey (RAL7040) or black (RAL 7021)
  • Non-combustible material compliant with fire-fighting standards
  • Plenum in galvanized steel.


  • Used for rooms such as telecommunications rooms, data processing centers and the like
  • Assembly on 600×600 mm raised floor tiles.

Lying flat on the floor.

BOXPW1 Plenum omplete with manual command.

  • Ridotta rumorosità
  • Ridotta portata aria dell’impianto
  • Rapida messa a regime
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