Energy saving 4-dihedral V-shaped filters

High efficiency energy saving V-shaped filters RP-HP, tested according to ISO 16890:2016, class ePM1.
EUROVENT certified.

Applications in AHUs (air handling units) for the HVAC sector and specifically for Clean Room, Hospital, Pharma, Laboratories, Food and Beverage and Laminar Flow.

The high-efficiency FILTRA-PAK RP series V-shaped filters represent a technological innovation in the filtration of fine dust.
The use of specific materials and the special construction make them a good alternative to soft pockets.
The low initial pressure drop makes these filters particularly energy-saving and reduces the energy consumption of fans.
V-shaped filters are suggested and recommended in all air treatment systems by the most important organisations in the sector and have become part of the standardisation of reference organisations:

  • UNI ISO 16890:2016
  • ASHRAE Std. 52.2:2007
  • UNI 10339:1995
  • EN 13779:2008
  • EN 13053:2020

The energy class and long service life make these filters the ideal solution for reducing operating, maintenance and disposal costs. At the end of their operational life, the absence of metal parts makes them completely incinerable.


  • Sturdy polystyrene frame
  • Fire retardant glass microfibre filter medium, large surface area (minipleat)
  • Polyurethane-based sealant
  • Continuous thermoplastic separators.
  • Very low initial pressure drop
  • Suitable for LCC (Life Cycle Cost) calculation
  • Higher mechanical resistance than soft bags
  • Can be interchanged with soft bags using the same frame
  • Longer service life than soft bags
  • No release of fibres downstream of the system even under severe operating conditions
  • Reduced depth
  • Fully incinerable.

On request:

  • Inlet or outlet side gasket available
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