RP-I absolute efficiency high filtration surface area rigid bag filters are individually tested in accordance with EN1822:2019.
Efficiency classes: E11-H13.

Used in APU (Air Processing Units) for: Clean Rooms, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories, Food and Beverage, Laminar flow.

  • EN1822:2019 certified;
  • Polystyrene frame;
  • Micro-fibreglass filter media.

These absolute efficiency rigid bag filters, thanks to the specific materials and special design features used, are an effective solution for use in civil and industrial systems that require extremely high air purity levels.
In the standard RP-I version, the filters have a new 3-dihedral shape which, due to having optimised certain construction features, enables a reduction in pressure drops and the fan’s energy consumption.

  • High reliability;
  • Reduced depth size in comparison to soft bags (292mm);
  • Higher mechanical resistance than soft bags;
  • Can be interchanged with soft bags using the same frame;
  • Longer service life than soft bags;
  • Does not release any fibres downstream of the system, even under arduous operating conditions;
  • Absolute filtration;
  • Polystyrene frame;
  • Fully incinerable.

On request:

  • Available with seals on air inlet or outlet side.
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