High efficiency 3-dihedral V-shaped filters

High efficiency RP-I V-shaped filters with increased filter surface area, tested according to ISO 16890:2017, class ePM1 and ePM2,5 .
EUROVENT certified.

Applications in civil and industrial air conditioning and ventilation systems and as pre-filtering stage of HEPA filters.
Suitable in variable air flow (VAV) systems, in cases of frequent fan shutdowns and generally under severe operating conditions.


Filtra-Pak RP-I high-efficiency V-shaped filters are a good alternative to soft pockets.
These filters have high filtration efficiencies, very shallow depth compared to soft pockets, a larger filter surface area than the RP-E version, large dust holding capacity and remarkable robustness of construction. Pressure losses are limited and reduce the energy consumption of the fans.


  • Sturdy polystyrene frame
  • Fire retardant glass microfibre filter medium, large surface area (minipleat)
  • Polyurethane-based sealant
  • Continuous thermoplastic separators.
  • Reduced depth
  • Longer service life compared to RP-E version
  • Interchangeability in frames with soft pocket filters
  • Higher mechanical resistance than soft pockets
  • No release of fibres downstream of the system, even under severe operating conditions
  • Fully incinerable
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