Fine filters for compact AHUs

Highly efficient and energy-efficient RP-HP compact filters, tested according to ISO 16890:2016, class ePM1.
EUROVENT certified.

Applications in civil and industrial air conditioning and ventilation systems and as pre-filtering stage of HEPA filters.
Suitable in variable air flow (VAV) systems, in cases of frequent fan shutdowns and generally under severe operating conditions.

Filtra-Pak RP-P high-efficiency compact filters are a good solution to space problems. They feature a water-repellent and fireproof (fire reaction class M1), robust, densely pleated glass microfibre filter medium separated with continuous thermoplastic separators.
The resulting filter pack is inserted into a galvanised steel frame and sealed tightly. These filters feature high filtration efficiencies, further reduced depth compared to other V-shaped filters models, good dust holding capacity and great construction strength.
In order to reduce pressure losses and, consequently, reduce the energy consumption of the fans and extend the filter’s service life, we recommend the use of a pre-filter and sizing to 80% of the nominal flow rate.


  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Fire-retardant glass microfibre filter medium with large surface area thanks to minipleat technology
  • Polyurethane-based sealant
  • Continuous thermoplastic separators.
  • Reduced depth compared to standard versions
  • Interchangeable in frames with traditional pocket filters
  • Higher mechanical resistance compared to soft pockets
  • No release of fibres downstream of the system, even under harsh operating conditions
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