RPC-K activated carbon rigid bag filters, with F7 efficiency filtration media on the air outlet side.

Used in civil and industrial systems, where low concentrations of gassy pollutants (VOC) are present.

RPC-K activated carbon rigid bag filters are a technological innovation in the filtration of solid/gassy particles. The use of specific materials and a special construction design have made it possible to combine active carbons (granules) with a synthetic fibre support that has F7 filtration efficiency on the air outlet side.
The “V”-type construction creates a large surface area.

On request:

  • Seals on air inlet or outlet side.
  • Good adsorption capacity;
  • Perfectly airtight seals;
  • Relatively low initial pressure drop;
  • Does not release any carbons downstream of the system, including under arduous operating conditions;
  • Fully incinerable.
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