Automated VAV circular regulator

The RSV series of VAV flow regulators maintain the required pressure differences between different environments, providing a significant energy saving performance.

RSV series VAV flow regulators – RSVC Model
The RSVC series of VAV flow regulators are used to create ultra energy efficient systems for controlling the micro-climates in civil and processing settings.
They can automatically control the flow of outdoor air treated and supplied based on the number of extraction hoods in operation.

RSVC VAV flow regulators have a circular cross-section.
They are suitable for high airspeeds (up to 14 m/s) .

By using a device that can accurately read the airflow, it is possible to have precise control over the airflows independently of any pressure changes in the system, which simplifies the design phase and optimises energy consumption.

These regulators can be supplied in a silent version, with or without external insulation (see Configurations).

Accessories include in-duct silencers and water or electrical resistance reheating coils.

  • No terminal in the room
  • Optimum humidity and temperature control
  • High ambient air quality
  • Optimum air distribution via high induction diffusers
  • Smaller duct sizes
  • High energy efficiency
  • Maximum use of free-cooling
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