S-MFD Fire and Gas-Fire Damper SOLAS A0-A60

The MED certified S-MFD fire damper, equipped with a thermal fuse, is designed to prevent the spread of flames within the ventilation and air conditioning system for Marine and Oil&Gas installations. The heavy frame, made of 4 welded pieces, allows installation in load-bearing structures such as decks and bulkheads. The S-MFD fire damper, due to its construction and strength, is particularly suitable for installation on leisure ships, cruise ships, commercial vessels, HVAC systems, offshore and onshore oil and gas installations and for engine room ventilation.
S-MFD series can perfectly replace the phased out SFD/SFDT models.

S-MFD Fire and Gas-Fire Damper SOLAS A0-A60
S-MFD fire dampers, which can be produced in sizes from 350x150mm to 2000x2000mm, is available in 2 versions:

  • Version 5 frame 300mm hot dip galvanized steel welded (300GW)
  • Version 6 frame 300mm AISI316L welded (3006W)

Both SOLAS A0 and SOLAS A60 classification is available for either version.
Fire dampers are designed to work with a “FAIL-CLOSE” logic.


  • 4-piece welded frame, thickness 3mm, depth 300mm;
  • 30 mm flange, 50 mm on request;
  • blades double skin 1,2+1,2mm with fiber glass gasket;
  • shafts AISI316, Ø 20mm;
  • self-lubricating sintered bronze bushes;
  • Leakage Class 2B, according to EN1751.
    Leakage Class 3C also available on request.

For further information, see the Configurations section.

Fire dampers can be combined to make dampers with dimensions outside the dimensional range indicated, are supplied with electric actuators and are available for SAFE area as well as ATEX applications.


  • MED;
  • SOLAS A0-A60;
  • ATEX area II 2GD h IIC TX°C (TX)
    -40°C < T < +50°C;
  • High mechanical resistance for applications in load-bearing structures such as bridges and bulkheads
  • Maintenance-free
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