Activated carbon filters are used to adsorb gaseous pollutants and effluents and to remove odours in the air.
SAF and CAF activated carbon filters are recommended for removing odours from domestic settings and industrial processing fumes and vapours in the air, where present in high concentrations (SAF) or medium concentrations (CAF).

We recommend protecting the carbon filter with a pre-filtration stage with a minimum of G4 efficiency pursuant to EN 779/2012.

SAF filters (with high activated carbon content)
A particular construction process and special devices ensure that no preferential routes are formed through the adsorption bed and guarantee that all the contaminated fluid is treated.
Due to their high levels of activated carbons, SAF filters are ideal for environments containing high concentrations of gases/odours.
They are designed and manufactured in accordance with international regulations, including those implemented in the Nuclear and Military sectors.


  • External frame in galvanised steel sheet;
  • Perforated plate carbon containment bed, with special anti-sagging devices;
  • Removable covers for possible substitution of the contaminated carbons;
  • Neoprene front seal.

On request:

  • Protective packaging in accordance with MIL B 131 F cl.1.

CAF filters (with medium activated carbon content)
The air containing odours and gases passes through the activated carbons between the panels and exits purified and odourless.
They have low pressure drops, which minimises the fans’ energy consumption.


  • External frame in galvanised steel sheet;
  • Internal panels in galvanised sheet, with anti-sagging systems;
  • Neoprene front seal.

On request:

  • Hermetically sealed packaging.
  • Compact and robust;
  • Wide sphere of application against various types of pollutants;
  • Can be installed as part of the Canister System;
  • Activated carbon content
    • high content, SAF model
    • medium content, CAF model
  • Spent carbons can be replaced (SAF model only).
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