Sound insulating coverings

Line of sound insulating products suitable for covering existing pipes and surfaces.
Studied and selected to increase sound insulation in limited spaces and thicknesses. The different SAGISILENT sandwich solutions provide a high sound insulation index and quick and simple method of use.


  • Products in sandwich sheets, of dimensions 2 x 1 m.
  • Made up of a mass in technopolymers and high-density mineral fillers, combined with an insulating plate in flexible elastomeric foam (FEF).
  • Without halogens, bitumens and substances harmful for health.

Applied for soundproofing ducts and surfaces.
Applied inside hollow spaces of walls or roofs of industrial buildings.

Installation of acoustical covering sheets varies based on the sizes and types of surfaces to insulate.
They can be fastened using specific adhesive tapes and mechanical connectors.
Coverings prepared with an adhesive side are also available.

Different accessories are available for on-site installation upon request, such as: adhesive tapes, mechanical connectors, etc.

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