Soundproofing panels

The SAP acoustic insulation panel, studied and produced to optimize sound absorption and sound insulation performance. It is a modular and versatile element and comes in an assembly kit or in pre-assembled systems, is rigid and load-resistant, easy to assemble and disassemble, the right compromise between density and lightness, acoustic performance and ease of handling during assembly.


  • Made in a sandwich with two external shells in painted galvanized steel sheet, the internal side – to turn towards the noise source – is specially perforated according to a predefined matrix, while the external side is without perforation.
  • The cavity inside the panel contains mineral wool and sound insulation in specific densities and thicknesses.

Used in different contexts and with different methods of use.
Basic component for building multiple soundproofing works such as acoustical screens, wall coverings, acoustical barriers and soundproof cabins.
It can be installed inside or outside buildings used for any purpose, on a relevant frame supplied or directly on the metal structures and/or pre-existing architectural building structures.

The SAP panel is installed using mechanical connectors (screws and/or bolts), to place inside pre-drilled holes on the four ends, directly on existing building and metal structures or on a metal frames supplied upon request.

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