Multiple compartment smoke managment damper

Control dampers for smoke and heat evacuation systems into multiple compartment.
Certified to permitting opening or closing in the case of fire.

Smoke managment damper EN 12101-8 – SCF M

Dampers complete with CE product certification according to UNI EN 12101-8:2011, classified pursuant to chapter 7.3 of UNI EN 13501-4 + A1:2009 EI 120 (ved hod i-o) S 1.500 C10.000  AA Multi


  • Smoke and heat evacuation systems with multiple compartment
  • Integrity with smoke and thermal insulation for 120 minutes
  • Use of damper on horizontal and vertical ducts
  • Smoke seal with a drop less than 200 m3/h per m2
  • Pressure level up to -1,500 Pa
  • Combined smoke and environmental control systems
  • Automatic enabling by heat-protected servo motor that can be started by electric signal coming from the remote control system
  • Both forced and natural systems.

The SCF M dampers are supplied with the electric actuator BELIMO only.

Technical features:

  • Size range from 200×200 mm to 1250×1000 mm (pitch 50 mm)
  • Casing and multiple blades made in calcium silicate, complete with heat-expanding gaskets for hot and cold smoke with 30 mm flanges
    (optional) to possibly connect with single-compartment ducts.


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