The deep-pleat semi-absolute filters for duct flows are classified as EPA efficiency E10-E11 and tested in accordance with EN1822/2009.

They can be used in air-conditioning and ventilation systems, in systems requiring high cleanliness levels (laboratories, electronics, food, pharmaceutical industries and hospital sector).

They are installed inside ducts, directly into the APU or in appropriate housings, such as the Modulo in-duct housings (suitable for E10 efficiency or above).

BETA semi-absolute in-duct filters have a water-repellent, fire-resistant (M1 fire reaction classification), micro-fibreglass filter medium, arranged in a deep-pleat formation with corrugated aluminium spacers; they are sealed onto the frame with a polyurethane resin, which ensures no leakage between the housing and the filter. A rectangular section closed-cell neoprene seal, or one-piece polyurethane seal with semirounded edge, completes the product construction.

The frame is made from MDF (L series) or galvanised steel sheet (K series).
They are used widely in civil and industrial systems and in processes that require high air purity levels, but not so high that they require the use of absolute filters.

On request:

  • Double seal (air outlet side);
  • Side handle to assist with handling;
  • AISI 304 stainless steel frame (for “K” series models with metal frame);
  • ATEX II 2 GD T6 version (for models with a metal frame from the “K” series);
  • Protection grid on one or both sides (“K” model only).
  • Resistant to high temperatures (K series);
  • High mechanical resistance (K series);
  • Incinerable (L series);
  • Reduced depth size;
  • Does not release fibres downstream of the system;
  • Low pressure drops;
  • High dust accumulation capacity;
  • Initial efficiency equal to the nameplate rating.
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