SIGMA deep-pleated medium and fine efficiency filters

High efficiency deep-pleated filters, SIGMA series, with low pressure drop and high dust holding capacity, tested according to EN ISO 16890:2016, classes ePM1 and ePM2,5.
EUROVENT certified.

Applications: inside filtration sections of the air handling units; in CT counter-frame; in housing systems for extracting air from
contaminated environments (Canister systems); in MULTIMOD housings; in MODULO housings.

The HT version is suitable in industrial process plants.

SIGMA series high-efficiency compact filters feature water-repellent and fire-proof glass microfibre filter medium arranged in deep pleats with pleated aluminium separators.

High filtration efficiencies make these filters suitable for strict air purity requirements or heavy-duty applications in air conditioning and ventilation systems. They also have low to moderate pressure drop, high dust holding capacity and appreciable mechanical strength.

They are available in:

  • two different thicknesses of 149mm  e 292mm, to offer ultimate flexibility and installation capacity.
  • “F” dimensional variants, with air inlet flange
  • HT high temperature version up to 120°C or up to 250°C.


  • Frame:
    • in galvanized steel (K series)
    • in medium-density fibreboard MDF (L series)
    • in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Deep-pleat medium in fire-proof micro-fibre glass
  • Aluminium separators
  • Sealant:
    • micro glass fibre mat and acrylic glue (K series)
    • polyurethane and acrylic glue (K series RES variant)
    • polyurethane (L series)
    • micro glass fibre mat and high temperature silicone (HT version)
  • Gasket:
    • Flat in EPDM with closed-cell that can be applied during installation on either the air inlet or outlet side
    • polyurethane
    • silicone (HT version)
  • Protection grid in aluminium air inlet side. For the HT version the protection grid is also required on the air outlet side.
  • High mechanical resistance (K series)
  • HT high temperature resistance (K series)
  • Incinerability (L series)
  • Reduced depth
  • High dust accumulation capacity
  • No fibre release downstream
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