SIGMA mini-pleated medium and fine efficiency filters

High efficiency small pleat filters, Sigma series, tested according to EN 779:2012, boast efficiency classes M6-F7-F8 and F9, low pressure drop and high dust holding capacity.
Frames can be made of MDF wood and galvanised steel.
Applications in air conditioning and ventilation systems, in central air handling units, fan units and stand-alone roof top air conditioners, in Canister systems (preceded by suitable prefilters); or they can also be used as prefilters (upstream of HEPA filters) in process/extraction plants and in the pharmaceutical, food, photographic, fine mechanics and electronics industries.

SIGMA series high-efficiency compact filters are characterised by filter media made of water-repellent and fire-retardant glass microfibre (fire reaction class M1), arranged in small pleats with continuous thermoplastic separators.
The frame is made of MDF wood (L series) or galvanised sheet steel (K series). The filter medium is fixed to the frame by means of a polyurethane sealant; the frame is equipped with a closed-cell gasket.

High filtration efficiencies make these filters suitable for stringent air purity requirements or heavy-duty applications in air conditioning and ventilation systems. They also feature low to moderate pressure drop, high dust holding capacity and appreciable mechanical strength.


  • Frame in galvanized steel
  • Fire proof micro-fibre glass minipleat media
  • Polyurethane-based sealant
  • Hot-melt separators
  • Gasket with continuous semicircular section, in seamless polyurethane
  • Protection grid in aluminium air inlet side.


  • High mechanical resistance (K series)
  • Incinerable (L series)
  • Reduced depth
  • High dust accumulation capacity
  • No fibre release downstream
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