An air filtration and diffusion system for operating theatres with unidirectional vertical flow at uniform speed, recommended for Classes ISO 7/8 in accordance with ISO 14644 and Classes C/D pursuant to ECC GMP.

Suitable for general operating theatres and non-critical surgery.

Constructed with an anodised aluminium profile for the insertion of terminal absolute filter housings, the diffusers can be aluminium, AISI 304 stainless steel or with fabric equaliser for LV model, ideal for low speeds.
Being modular, it can be used to create bespoke solutions to satisfy the different needs and requirements of different operating theatres.

The TAS-DIF.P/A system enables the diffusion of unidirectional sterile air at constant speeds, with a uniform speed profile.

The unit is constructed with a very thick anodised aluminium profile, making it particularly effective for inserting the filter housing units into it, which are also made from a robust anodised aluminium frame with relative one-piece thermoformed polystyrene (P) or aluminium (A) plenum, fully airtight, and micro-perforated anodised aluminium diffuser to obtain a unidirectional flow. The entire unit is perfectly flat to facilitate cleaning.
On request, diffusers can be made in a AISI 304 stainless steel version (FLS) or with fabric equaliser (LV), which guarantees a genuine laminar flow especially where low air speeds will be supplied from the filtration ceiling.
The system is made to be modular, to satisfy the specific requirements of different operating theatres and to facilitate transport and installation.
Each individual filter housing unit is connected to the air-conditioning system by circular/rectangular connectors.
On request, the system can also be configured so surgical lighting can pass through it.

The system uses AB-rls absolute HEPA filters, with 99.995% MPPS and H14 efficiency, in accordance with UNI standard EN 1822. Each individual filter is produced using mini-pleat technology, with an aluminium frame, aluminium protection grid painted on both sides and semi-rounded continuous polyurethane fully airtight seal.
Each individual filter is efficiency tested by scanning with an optical particle counter (OPC), in accordance with EN 1822-4. Each filter comes with a factory test certificate, as required by this standard.
They are tested and packaged in an ISO 5 class cleanroom.

In accordance with current standards UNI 11425 and ISO 14644-1, proof of leak-testing and particle counter classification under operational conditions are required.
To assist with these validation tests, the TAS-DIF system is supplied with special sampling points, and is also designed and constructed to meet ISO classes 7/8 under operational conditions.

To guarantee efficient ventilation, we recommend properly positioning the exhaust grilles inside the room, to encourage the flow of supply air from the ceiling towards the exhaust points. Our exhaust grilles for contaminationcontrolled environments, DEC-S model, are made from AISI 304 stainless steel and, thanks to their design, they can be installed flush with the walls thus making cleaning and sanitising operations extremely simple.



  • For general operating theatres and non-critical surgery under ISO 7 or ISO 8 class, pursuant to ISO 14644;
  • Perfectly flat unit and diffusers for easy cleaning;
  • HEPA H14 absolute filters with no local defects;
  • Easily removable diffusers for quick and simple access to the filters.
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