Ceiling filtration systems for class ISO5/ISO7 operating rooms

This is an air filtration and distribution system for operating theatres with unidirectional vertical airflow, suitable for critical surgery operating theatres under ISO5 conditions and for non-critical surgery under ISO 7 or ISO 8 conditions, in accordance with ISO 14644.

The system is composed of a plenum, a filter housing frame and micro-perforated panels, available in AISI 304 stainless steel as the TAS-OP version (AISI 316 on request) and in painted steel as the TAS-FV version.
To ensure the proper, uniform flow distribution, the plenum has one or more air inlets, which are sized depending on the air flow rate and the spaces available.
The filter housing frame is perfectly flat and designed to guarantee the seal with the filters, which can be mechanical (with seal on the filter) or liquid (with gel on the filter).
The installation and fixation procedure for the filters has been carefully designed to guarantee the complete airtightness of the system and to be simple and convenient using special locking elements.
The micro-perforated diffusers, properly designed with the correct empty/full percentages, ensure uniform distribution of the air into the environment in accordance with the regulations for that health sector.
Depending on the size of the ceiling, it can be supplied in one or more parts (for in-situ assembly).

The system uses DELTA absolute filters, with 99.995% MPPS and H14 efficiency, in accordance with UNI standard EN 1822-2009.
Each individual filter is made using mini-pleat technology, with an aluminium frame, aluminium protection grid painted on both sides, and, to ensure complete tightness of fit, can be supplied with a continuous semirounded polyurethane seal or, for liquid seals, with a polyurethane based gel.
Each individual filter is efficiency tested by an optical particle counter (OPC), in accordance with EN 1822-4.
Testing and packaging is done under unidirectional airflow in ISO 5 classified Cleanrooms, during which the filters’ individual test reports are issued and inserted into the packaging.

To make all tests and validation procedures as simple as possible, the TAS-OP systems is supplied with sampling points.
Leak test: to verify that the system installation complies with regulations, an initial leak test must be performed. This is to check that no leaks have been caused due to any installation errors or improper handling of the filters.
Room validation: only once the leak test has been performed and the room properly cleaned, can the Operating Theatre then be validated in accordance with the required ISO classification.

For maximum system efficiency, we recommend the use of exhaust grilles, designed to exhaust 65-70% of total air flow from ground level and the remainder from the highest point in the walls. (See product “Air Exhaust Grilles for Contamination-Controlled Environments”)

  • System suitable for critical operating rooms in class ISO 5 and for non-critical operating rooms in class ISO 7, according to the ISO 14644 standard;
  • Resistant to sanitization and cleaning operations (AISI 304 stainless steel TAS-OP version);
  • HEPA filters produced, tested and packaged individually in clean room;
  • Perforated plate diffuser panels easy to disassemble in order to quickly and simply access the filters.
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