Mechanical rectangular CAV regulator with external selector wrench

The VRRK series of rectangular CAV flow regulators maintain a constant pre-set flow rate, without the aid of external power and independently from the pressure and variations in airflow.

VRRK series CAV flow regulators – VRRK Model
The VRRK rectangular flow regulators are designed for use in constant air volume (CAV) ventilation and air-conditioning systems. They are used to maintain the pre-set flow rate, to a tolerance of 5%, without the aid of external power sources.

The airflow is adjusted by a set of blades that, as they are hit by the airflow, are operated by a spring that is set using a graduated scale on the outside of the terminal.
The air flow is calibrated in the factory based on the nominal value requested; if necessary, this value can be adjusted by micrometric adjustment of the spring.

  • Very sensitive response due to easy location of the adjustment plate.
  • In-situ adjustment based on requirements using a regulating device.
  • Installation in any position thanks to dynamic balancing of the adjustment plate.
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