Suction/supply grille

The WG/WAN intake/exhaust grilles with 50/100mm blade spacing are designed to intake fresh air or to exhaust stale air, in air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

WG/WAN air intake/exhaust grille

A strong structure, they are made from a robust frame and a row of fixed horizontal blades, made with a special rainproof profile, angled downwards.

2 available models, 50mm and 100mm spacing.

  • WG in galvanised steel;
  • WAN in natural aluminium sheet.

50mm spacing:

  • WG sizes range from 400 x 450mm to 2000 x 1850mm;
  • WAN sizes range from 400 x 400mm to 2000 x 2000mm;

100mm spacing:

  • WG sizes range from 600 x 650mm to 2800 x 2650mm;
  • WAN sizes range from 600 x 650mm to 2800 x 2850mm;

Several special versions are also available:

  • WG/WAN 51/101 with galvanised steel anti-rodent mesh;
  • painted steel (RAL on request);
  • stainless steel AISI 316.

Subframe for wall-mounting also available on request, model WR 001.

  • Special rainproof profile blades.
  • Simple screw-in installation, via pre-drilled holes in the frame.
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