Swirl diffusers with perforated panel

WS360 swirl square diffusers with perforated panel consist of a perforated front plate and, on the back, by a high induction diffuser that guarantee quick mixing of supply air and ambient air.

Installation height between 2.7 and 4 m. Suitable for VAV and CAV systems, with summer ΔT up to -10 K and winter up to +15 K.


  • Perforated plate in painted steel, white RAL9010
  • Diffuser in painted steel, black RAL 9005
  • Plenum in galvanized sheet.


  • Lying flat on the false ceiling frame in T configuration and fed by circular duct
  • With plenum fastened to the ceiling by hanging.


Distribution plenum in the versions:

  • WP plenum with regulating damper, without insulation.
  • WPI plenum with regulating damper and internal insulation in polyethylene with th. 6 mm, certified according to Euroclass B-s2-d0 (External insulation upon request).
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