Rectangular diffusers with adjustable elements
The ZAR-R rectangular diffusers with adjustable elements are used in shops, offices, exhibition halls, and environments that require a specific architectural design. They are designed for installation in false ceilings. Based on how they are manually adjusted, they can be configured as 1 or 2-way diffusers. The Coanda effect and high induction ensure uniform airflow with a temperature differential of up to 12K and flow variation by up to 60%, whilst maintaining a steady stream of air.
  • ZAR-R rectangular diffusers with adjustable elements designed for false ceiling installation;
  • Manual adjustment to make 1 or 2-way configuration;
  • High induction and Coanda effect ensure uniform airflow even with a Δt up to 12K. Used in VAV systems with airflow variation by up to 60%;
  • Installation height between 2.6 and 4 metres;
  • Made from galvanised steel painted white in RAL 9010;
  • Mounting Bar (BM);
  • Supply plenum with side attachment (PLL-R);
  • Plenum with or without regulating damper (R), with set of two regulating cords (COR) available with and without insulation;
  • Plenum box thermo-acoustically insulated by foam with a thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.04 W/mK.
    The foam is compliant with the following fire resistance regulations: UNE 23-727 M2, NFP 92-501 M2, DIN 4102 M2.
  • High induction with Coanda effect;
  • 1 or 2-way airflow;
  • Temperature differential up to 12 K;
  • Suitable for both VAV and CAV systems;
  • Installation height between 2.6 and 4 metres.
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