Floor grilles

The AG 300 series of grilles are used to supply or exhaust air from the floor, and are especially used in data processing and call centres. They are comprised of a series of mechanically assembled fixed horizontal blades, inserted into a strong frame. They have a particularly robust build quality, enabling them to support the weight of people. The walk-on capacity ranges from 200 to 600kg depending on size.
They are available in two versions:

  • AG 300 with outer frame. Removable central grate fixed to the frame with clips, straight front blades.
  • AG 320 is like AG 300 but with front blades angled at 15°.
  • AG 300 series supply grilles for floor installation;
  • Single row of fixed horizontal blades;
  • They are also frequently used for exhausting air from the relevant environments;
  • Frame and blade profiles in natural extruded anodised aluminium;
  • Suitable for floor installation in data processing and call centres;
  • Model AG 300: Grille with horizontal fixed blades angled at 0° with outer perimeter frame;
  • Model AG 320: Grille with horizontal fixed blades angled at 15° with outer perimeter frame;
  • The central grate is fixed with clips to the frame installed in the floor;
  • Control damper GT 007 in galvanised steel with manually adjustable opposed blades;
  • Dust collection chamber RP/AG;
  • Subframe for floor installation GR 013.
  • Fixed blades angled at 0° or 15°;
  • Strong enough to support walk-on load from 200 to 600 kg depending on size;
  • Removable central grate fixed to the outer frame with clips;
  • Can be used for supply and exhaust;
  • Various accessories such as control damper, dust collection chamber and subframe.
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