The EE 400 square multi-directional diffusers are used in large service sector offices and lounges, for installation into false ceilings. They diffuse the air tangentially with an induction ratio that enables 20 exchanges/hour, moderate residual velocity and moderate noise levels. Depending on the conformation, they can have 1, 2, 3 or 4 air supply directions. They are also available on a square plate with external measurements 595 x 595 for installation into modular panel false ceilings with 600 x 600mm panels, model EE 400 P and in an intake version, model EE 480, with a square mesh central grille.

  • EE 400 multi-directional square diffusers for false ceiling installation;
  • Tangential air diffusion with an induction ratio that enables 20 exchanges/hour, moderate residual velocity and moderate noise levels;
  • EE 400 diffusers are composed of an external frame and a central, removable section with multiple divergent parts. The central section is made with interchangeable configurations, to make 1, 2, 3 or 4-way air diffusion;
  • The exhaust version, EE 480, has a central section with square mesh grille (12.5 x 12.5mm);
  • Constructed from natural extruded anodised aluminium;
  • Also available on a square plate with external measurements 595 x 595 for installation into modular panel false ceilings with 600 x 600mm panels, model EE 400 P, made from aluminium painted in white RAL 9010;
  • Damper with multiple opposing blades, model GT 007;
  • Supply plenum with circular lateral attachment, in versions with internal insulation (model EPS-I) or without insulation(model EPS);
  • Where present, internal insulation is Class 1 polyethylene, 6mm thick.
  • Multi-directional diffusers with interchangeable central section;
  • Airflow direction adjustable from 1 to 4-ways;
  • Square opening with dimensions L x H from 150 x 150mm to 525 x 525mm;
  • Fixation with hidden screws
  • High induction ratio.
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