Painted steel supply grilles

The GF 130 series of supply grilles in painted steel are used for air-conditioning and heating rooms with or without false ceilings, as well as for irregular shaped environments or where obstacles are present. They are available with simple deflection horizontal, vertical or double deflection adjustable blades. The GF range of grilles is also frequently used for exhausting air from the relevant environments. The control damper has manually adjustable opposed blades.

  • GF 130 series supply grilles in painted steel;
  • Single row of horizontal, vertical or double deflection adjustable blades;
  • They are also frequently used for exhausting air from the relevant environments;
  • Frame and blades in rolled sheet steel, edged and phosphated, painted in RAL 9010;
  • Suitable for wall installation or on exposed rectangular ducts;
  • Model G…130: double row, first vertical and second horizontal;
  • Model G…110: double row, first horizontal and second vertical;
  • Model G…100: single horizontal row;
  • Model G…120: single vertical row;
  • Model GD: fixation with clips and subframe GR 001;
  • Model GE: fixation with latch and subframe GR 001;
  • Model GF: fixation with visible screws;
  • Control damper GT 007 in galvanised steel with manually adjustable opposed blades.
  • BPI model supply plenum. Designed to accommodate multiple connections in three different positions: side, rear or top. Can be adapted to suit various application requirements, starting with the standard product. Construction from galvanised sheet steel. Internal insulation with Class 1 polyethylene, 6mm thick.
  • Individually adjustable blades;
  • Adjustable vertical blades to vary the air stream volume;
  • Adjustable horizontal blades to sustain cold air drop;
  • Optimum Coanda effect if positioned 0.3m max. from the ceiling;
  • Can be used for supply and exhaust;
  • Fixation with clips or latch using the subframe or with visible screws;
  • Supply plenum designed to accommodate multiple openings on the side, top or bottom.
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