High induction linear diffusers

The INDUL range of single and double slot high induction linear diffusers are suitable for VAV systems with variable flow rates between 20% and 100% and for a temperature differential between the emitted air and the ambient air of -14°C.
The self-propelling throw emitted by this diffuser avoids sudden air drops, guarantees an induction ratio of up to 1:30 and keeps the residual speed in the occupied zone constant as the airflow is varied, thanks to the size of the discharge angle when in its standard position of 90° or 120°.
Option for direct fixation onto 12.5mm plasterboard panels.

High induction linear diffusers suitable for VAV systems with flow rates between 20% and 100% and temperature differential Δt up to -10K for the AV range and -14K for the AP range.
With their vertical and uniform distribution, the airflow into the environment is widespread and turbulence-free.
By using a special diffuser edge (INDUL AP) and adjustable deflector blades (INDUL AV), it is possible to createtangential and asymmetric air diffusion.

Direction of flow:

  • INDUL AP. Provides a self-propelling air stream at a constant 90° inclination under all operating conditions. Fixed geometry discharge.
  • INDUL AV equipped with edges to diffuse the air at a variable angle (standard 120°). They can be adjusted from the room, by individual adjustments of 15°.

With both models airflow is equalised 1 metre from the slot.

Plenum box: entirely in aluminium and can also be supplied as an insulated version with a mineral fibre-free coating of the lining in the air chamber.
Can be made for direct fixation onto 12.5mm plasterboard panels with support flaps integrated onto the outside of the diffuser element, with a protective film that can be removed after plastering and painting.

  • Impeccable finish for installation into plasterboard false ceilings;
  • Completely uniform air diffusion;
  • Ideal for high flow rates (up to 300m³/hm);
  • Ideal for high Δt (up to -14 K);
  • Adjustment of flow rate from 20% to 100% (VAV)
  • Air exchange up to 12 vol/h.
  • Plenum with high efficiency air chamber insulation.
  • Ceiling remains constantly clean thanks to a 90° distribution angle.
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