High induction diffusers with rectangular microelements

The INDULCLIP high induction ceiling diffusers are available in various colours and different shaped models. The individual components of the diffuser provide high comfort levels thanks to a current-free distribution of air into the occupied area.
Ideal for locations where the project specifications make installation difficult. They are capable of working with high ΔT, temperature differentials of up to -12 K and with low airspeeds into the environment. With their high induction ratio, they are also suitable for installation where there are no false ceilings. Ideal for variable flow systems (VAV).

Enable high induction air distribution and can be made to create supply and exhaust diffusers of various shapes. The elements can be supplied either assembled inside the diffusers, or as individual components. The airflow rates depend on the number of individual INDULCLIP components and their arrangements inside the diffuser, the installation height, the distance between various diffusers and the acoustic requirements of the environment.

Indicatively, consider for each INDULCLIP element a flow rate between 2 and 14m³/h and with a ΔT of -14 K. As such, with an 800mm diffuser, a flow rate of up to 1400m³/h is possible and, under favourable conditions, even higher than that. When correctly installed, the system should not exceed 12 air exchanges/hour, in the case of continuously occupied environments for sedentary activities.

Standard executions
The front panel of the diffuser is painted white (RAL 9010); other colours are available on request. The elements are black, grey and white.

  • Temperature differential up to -12 K;
  • Extremely low air speed into the environment up to 0.12m/s;
  • Sizes from 300 to 800mm;
  • Flow rates from 100 to 1500m³/h;
  • Plenum with butterfly damper that can be adjusted from inside the room;
  • Ideal for variable flow systems (VAV).
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